A Glitch

A glitch is “a malfunction or irregularity” typically within an app or game.

Someone mentioned them at lunch, yesterday, reminding me of this.

My kids and I have played many games in which we found unique ways to level our characters faster than the game intended.

Often, it seemed, with very little effort, utilizing a method that was not a ‘practical’ part of the game, we would find methods that made little sense in scheme of things to level up.

A couple times while we played, the kids would say, “I can’t believe the programmer wrote this into the game.” and “I can’t believe they left it here, in a multiplayer game.”

Glitches, right?

Reading the Word.
You get the idea?

Not ‘logical’ at all, each would seem a malfunction or irregularity of life, written in by our Programmer, who inserted these ‘glitches’ into a ‘DLC’ (downloadable content) that He has not nor ever will remove.

Salvation can’t be ‘earned.’
Praying is not a physical effort.
Reading THE instruction book? We’d rather try to just figure it out on our own.
Tithing? We earned that money, didn’t we?
Praising and worshipping? Standing, kneeling, bowing, clapping, shouting, and whispering to our Programmer defy ‘logical’ or ‘practical’ methods of developing our character and yet, that is precisely what they do.
In the multiplayer game of life, God has inserted ‘downloadable content’, ‘irregular’ (as if we know what ‘regular’ is) methods we might perceive to be malfunctions, into our lives, that result in our character development.

Thank you, God, for ‘glitches.’

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